Booster Designs | Services
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what i do

Web & Print Design

Graphic design has been my passion for the past decade. I get my inspiration from all the things around me and other graphic artists. My designs tend to be simple, yet presents a pleasing aesthetic.

Design & Development

I design and develop websites for a living and do some freelancing on the side. I have my own projects which I maintain and created including this website. Mainly using wordpress as a platform to build all the sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Building websites does not stop with designing and coding. It also needs to be optimized for all search engines. It’s a way for your website to be seen by Google, Bing and Yahoo. It will enable your site to rank higher.

Website Design

I've designed personal websites, small and medium sized business websites, including e-commerce or shopping carts. Whether it's improving upon existing websites or building one from the ground up, I can create great looking websites with all the functionality you'll need.

Graphic Design

I've done graphic design for multiple mediums, including flyers, banners, email templates, shirts and accessories. It's been my passion and I've created a few designs which have been printed at popular sites like threadless and woot.