• WEBSITE DESIGN. I design customized websites for any type of business or individual. My main focus is to give you an appealing and well developed website interface. I make it easier for you by providing a CMS (Control Management Service) solution. That way I can give you the controls to manage your website without any programming knowledge.

    WEBSITE HOSTING. In tandem with my website design, I also offer a very affordable hosting solution. So, you will just have me to deal with, with all your website concerns :)

    SEO / MARKETING. Getting started with all your marketing needs can be a daunting task. I will help you setup all your social media, and email tools. Giving you tips along the way on how to improve and optimize your online presence.

    Let me know how I can help you =)

  • I am a graphic and web designer based in California. I strive to create designs that please both my client and myself. I have experience creating Websites, Apparel and Interface designs.

    I’ve been doing graphic design for more than ten years now. I started with interface designs and moved on to website and apparel designs. My apparel designs have been printed at Threadless, A better tomorrow and most recently GAP.

    You could say that I have a passion for design and I strive to always do better, which is my aim for any new project. I don’t settle for just OK, I want my work to be always great!

    Let me know how I can help you =)

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This is Not My Time Machine on NBC’s Community

This is Not My Time Machine worn by Abed (Danny Pudi) on NBC’s Community. It was with...

“this is not my time machine” reprinted at threadless!

This is Not My Time Machine has been reprinted on Threadless! get it while it lasts!

“under construction” reprinted at Threadless!

My Design “under construction” has been reprinted on threadless.com! sorry reprint...

NERD HQ has been printed on Threadless!

New design, NERD HQ now up for sale at Threadless! Buy Now before it sells out! Edit: SOLD OUT!...